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11 jun We visited HeH Constructores

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Foundry in one motion

For the first time, the sliding formwork - brought from Brazil - was used in the country, whose advantage is that, between internal and external panels, it is not necessary to locate pins, thus reducing the risk of leaks to zero. In the traditional method, a maximum of 2.5 m is melted, resulting in the application of joints. In contrast, HeH shuttered a meter and melted layers of between 15 and 20 cm cyclically in a single movement, until reaching the height of each tank

The traditional method takes up cold joints that are two layers melted in spans ranging from two to three hours. Sometimes the ‘old’ concrete does not adhere well to the ‘new’ and that could lead to one or more leak points. As for the execution time, the difference is abysmal. Lifting a 30m diameter by 7m high tank takes three months. In the same period, using the sliding formwork, HeH built six tanks, even larger.

  • HeH constructores images

    The time it takes to build a tank the traditional way, HEH builds six.

  • HeH constructores images

    Fine and thick grids retain all solid
    waste from the waters to be treated.

  • HeH constructores images

    It is the largest wastewater
    treatment plant built in Guayaquil.

  • HeH constructores images

    Hidalgo e Hidalgo applied
    a Brazilian foundry system, unique in Ecuador.

Clearer than any explanation of ours, see the link, published by Hidalgo and Hidalgo.HeH constructores images

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